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a true display of patriotism

  • 100% Made in the USA - We take this serious!

  • Premium American aluminum

  • Indoor/outdoor suitable

  • ​Family owned & operated

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% made in the usa

Handcrafted in Nashville, TN.

family owned & operated

Love my family!

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We Love AMERICA.. How About You?

Five years ago today, serendipity led us to stumble across an extraordinary opportunity—an opportunity to ignite the flame of patriotism within every like-minded American. Since then, our journey has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with challenges and triumphs, as we painstakingly built a company around our unwavering belief in the greatness of the land we proudly call home—AMERICA.

Through the years, we have poured our hearts and souls into crafting exquisite American Metal Art pieces that embody the essence of our beloved nation. Each stroke of the brush, every meticulously placed detail, serves as a testament to our deep-rooted love for this extraordinary country. And we are humbled and grateful for the countless individuals who have welcomed our art into their lives, adorning their spaces with symbols that resonate with the core of their American spirit.

But our journey extends far beyond the realm of artistry. We have embraced the spirit of giving, embracing opportunities to support numerous charitable causes and fundraisers that align with our values. Together, we have donated to countless initiatives that uplift our communities, empower our veterans, nurture our youth, and honor the sacrifices of those who have served.

Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating America—a land that is not just a place on the map, but a profound source of inspiration and unity. Together, let us raise our voices in admiration for this incredible nation and all those who embrace its profound principles and values each and every day.

As we reflect on our five-year journey, we express our sincerest gratitude to our customers, partners, and fellow patriots who have supported us along the way. It is your unwavering support and shared love for this great nation that continues to fuel our passion and ignite our purpose.

So let us commemorate this milestone, not just as a celebration of our company's growth, but as a testament to the collective spirit that binds us together as Americans. Together, let us embrace the enduring legacy of freedom, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness that defines the United States of America.

With heartfelt appreciation, we welcome you to stand beside us as we march forward, painting a brighter future on the canvas of this remarkable nation. Together, we shall continue to inspire, uplift, and honor the spirit of America—the land we are privileged to call our home!

Owner - phillipe auguste

Even better in person

The product was better in person than in the picture. It was so awesome that I have placed an additional 3 orders to give to family and friends!


You won't be disappointed by this flag. The quality is superb and all-AMERICAN made!

Outstanding craftsmanship

Outstanding craftsmanship. Purchased a second for a friend and he was impressed with his as well.