We offer finishing services for custom cut metal parts to eliminate any burrs and minimize the need for prep work before welding and painting.

During checkout, deburring is automatically applied to supported parts and materials. However, if you prefer to reduce the cost of your parts, you may opt-out of this service.


Our deburring process involves using a wide belt sander to remove any burrs from the raw laser-cut part edges. We can also apply a linear grain to most materials if desired.

Currently, we use a 120-grit wide belt for deburring and a 240-grit belt for graining. This produces a surface finish that is similar to #4 on stainless steel or aluminum. Unfortunately, we do not offer customizable grits or finishes at this time.

Save Time With Clean Parts

Save valuable time by using our clean parts service. Our finishing process removes all burrs and prepares the surface for welding and painting, eliminating the need for extensive prep work.

By opting for our clean parts service, you can streamline your workflow and improve your productivity. No need to spend extra time and effort cleaning and preparing your custom cut metal parts. We take care of everything for you.