The Old Way

Prices in Days, Parts in Weeks

For many traditional fabrication shops, on-demand orders can be seen as a nuisance. Providing quotes is a time-consuming process that requires skilled labor, setting up equipment takes time, and creating new parts requires engineering and programming time. Additionally, handling office work such as invoicing and payment processing for small laser cutting jobs can also be a burden.

As a result, getting a quote for custom laser cutting and fabricated parts can take days, if not longer, and some shops may even decline the job altogether. Many shops prioritize production jobs over small prototype or short-run orders, which can lead to slow response times, high pricing, and poor customer service.

While some fabrication shops may reluctantly take on small jobs, it's often with the hope that the prototype job will lead to larger volume orders in the future. However, at Nashville Metal Art, we understand the importance of on-demand fabrication and take pride in providing efficient and high-quality custom sheet metal parts for all types of orders, no matter the size.

The New Way

Prices in Seconds, Parts Tomorrow

At Nashville Metal Art, we understand the frustration that comes with the slow and outdated quoting process used by metal laser cutting and fabrication services. As a team of engineers ourselves, we were tired of waiting for days or even weeks to get parts for our own designs.

That's why we've developed software that enables us to efficiently handle a high volume of orders each day. With our custom software tools, customers can get instant pricing, manufacturability feedback, and place orders online. Our software also helps us manage material inventory, schedule jobs, create programs, print shipping labels, and handle other logistical details behind the scenes.

We're always looking for ways to improve our processes and add new features to our software. Our goal is to make the entire experience of ordering custom sheet metal parts as easy and efficient as possible for our customers. So whether you need a prototype or a large production run, we're here to help you bring your designs to life.

The Information You Need, Right Now

Sometimes, you may need information about a potential manufacturing project, such as whether your design can be manufactured, the cost of producing a single prototype, the cost for larger quantities, or the impact of changing materials. However, you may not be ready to place an order yet. In the past, you would need to call or email the manufacturer, and this could be a difficult process for both parties. For the manufacturer, investing time into analyzing parts for manufacturability, answering questions, and providing quotes may be a waste of time if you end up not choosing them for your project. Additionally, asking for a new quote for a different quantity or material may require the same amount of work as the first quote. Even providing a budgetary quote can be a challenge, as the manufacturer may need to create a drawing and program the part to determine whether it is feasible to produce. This is a common problem in the manufacturing industry.